Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Starting to study – hit the ground running!

Starting my MSc last month has been a shock to the system.  Day 1 consisted of a long list of assignments, coursework, exams and my first thought – what have I let myself in for?

A month later and I’ve calmed down and am almost on top of the set reading but haven’t yet started my first assignment which is a lab report due on 12 November!!!  
This might not sound too bad to some but Research Methods and Statistics is the module that’s totally new to me and for my Lab Report I need to get up to speed with this…

My ‘sick’ Car
My poor car has been very poorly recently.  It should really have been retired many years ago but as a poor student, it needs to keep going for at least another year.   Anyway, I collected it from the garage after two days and knew it was bad news as soon as I saw the mechanic. He talked for 5 minutes, I nodded at what I hoped were appropriate times and zoned out.   It was when he started to show me bits of engine that had once lived very happily in my car that I knew my credit card was due for hit.  £400 later and all I kept thinking was why am I not studying car mechanics! 


On a nicer note – my graduation takes place next Tuesday – watch out for photos!   I’m hoping the hat will fit as I wasn’t quite sure how to measure my head so I had a slight guess when asked what size hat I wanted. My first assignment might have to wait a while longer too, as shopping at Bluewater for something to wear at graduation is happening this weekend.  Apart from what I will wear, I’m looking forward to meeting up with everyone I studied with to see how things are going with them and what they’ve all moved on to do.